Is there a giant conspiracy to hide a flat earth from the world! Flat earthers believe there is. In fact, their belief system hinges on their being this huge conspiracy because is the only way they can maintain this bizarre belief system that has no map, no model, and flies in the face of 1000 years of scientific inquiry on the subject. This conspiracy is not new, but has been going on since before even Galileo! They believe that the earth is enclosed by a giant dome, that the sun, moon, stars, and sun are simply embedded into the top of a dome that rotates around us, but that the earth is flat and stationary.


So, in order to hide this reality from us, the conspiracy to hide a flat earth has had to be extremely detailed and in-depth so that no one would figure the shape of the earth out on their own. I wanted to see how big would this conspiracy to hide a flat earth would  have to BE in order to maintain this illusion for over 500 years now, so I started compiling a list of those who would have to be involved, and man, is it huge! I’m sure the list below is only the tip of the iceberg and that I’ve missed quite a few categories of people who must be involved in this conspiracy, but here is the list in progress.

  • Every government of the world and many of their agencies
  • All space agencies (List of Space Agencies)
  • The UN
  • Quantus airlines
  • Most other airlines, particularly those who fly in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Shipping companies
  • Cruise ship companies
  • Ship’s captains
  • Every scientist around the world in the 500 years all the way back to Galileo
  • The committee that officiates the circumnavigation of Antarctica by ship
  • The committee that officiates the North-South airplane circumnavigation of the world

The image below shows that there are approximately 600,000 studies mentioning the curvature of the earth. According to flat earthers, every one of these was faked, or the scientists were lying.


  • Every planetarium in the world (see List of Planetariums Here)
  • Every astronomer
  • Every astrophysicist
  • Gyroscope manufacturers
  • All the companies who use gyroscopes in their products (in the tens of thousands)
  • Coriolis flow meter manufacturers
  • All geodetic surveyors
  • All theodolite manufacturers
  • Creators of theodolite apps

As you can see below, this app called Mobile Topographer measure the altitude above the ellipsoid, which is a rough measurement of the outline of the spheroidal earth we live on. It also shows the position of satellites to get an accurate GPS measurement.


  • All globe manufacturers
  • The many flight tracking sites on the internet
  • The FAA
  • Google
  • All GPS manufacturers
  • All satellite manufacturers
  • All satellite dish cable companies

satellite dishes.jpg

According to flat earthers, these satellite dishes are pointed up at the sky just to maintain the illusion we are on a round earth. They believe you can actually just point these satellite dishes anywhere and you’ll receive the ground-based signals just fine

Who Else Would Have to be in on the Conspiracy to Hide a Flat Earth

  • Just about everyone on the internet who takes the time to explain an error to a flat earther (they are all paid shills)
  • Anyone who has been to Antarctica
  • The people who installed all the live stream cameras in Antarctica
  • The sailors who have circumnavigated Antarctica’
  • Any HAM radio operator who claims to have bounced a signal off the ionoshere to get around the curvature of the earth
  • The HAM radio operators who claim to have bounced radio signals off the moon to measure it’s distance from the earth
  • Meteorologists
  • Doppler radar manufacturers
  • Manufacturers and users of equatorial mount telescopes
  • Anyone who has done a time lapse photo or video of the moon or sun that showed it staying the same size
  • Everyone with a YouTube Channel or blog that debunks flat earth
  • Most media outlets
  • Long distance shooters and snipers
  • Satellite phone, movie, and internet providers

Oh, we need to include ME too. I’ve been called a government shill hundreds of times too! It just seems to me that if your belief system hinges on a conspiracy this large and that everyone who disagrees with you is a paid shill, well, you should probably reevaluate your belief system. The Occam’s Razor answer for the shape of the earth, it is not.

Feel free to comment if you think of any category of people that would have to be in on the conspiracy to hide a flat earth.