We are going to be discussing a flat earther concept you hear regularly claiming that it proves the earth is not flat: an emergency plane landing from Asia to Los Angeles that landed in Alaska when a woman went into emergency labor. Yes, in this day and age, people really believe in a flat earth despite two thousand years of evidence that disproves this. We discuss this in our post The Flat Earth Resurgence and Easy Disproofs Using Observable Reality. The movement is growing and, unfortunately, these people feel that they have extensively ‘researched’ the evidence, when what they have really done is watched a bunch of YouTube videos by a guru with effective cult mentality skills who makes a good-sounding argument with great leaps of logic to those who are unable or unwilling to do any research.

Because this unscientific cult is growing, and is influencing so many gullible people, I feel an obligation to help reduce the effects of this by demolishing their ridiculous memes and videos, as well as hoping that people will share these rebuttals and link to them extensively in order to help bring science-based rebuttals of flat earth nonsense to the top of the search engines to help those who might be contemplating joining this nefarious unscientific cult.

Emergency Plane Landing in an Asia to LAX Flight

The first meme that we will easily demolish is the real life situation in October of 2015 where a Hong Kong to Los Angeles flight had a woman go into labor and give birth right on the plane. In order to get the woman and her child medical care as quickly as possible, the plane made a quite logical round earth emergency landing in Alaska. Here is the link to the article on this actual event.

Los Angeles Times L.A.-bound flight makes emergency plane  landing in Alaska

Unfortunately, the flat earth community picked up on this event and somehow determined that an emergency landing in Alaska would have been illogical on a spheroidal earth, and would have required the plane to go a great distance out of the way in order to land in Alaska. They THEN determined that it would have been a completely logical and natural stop to make on a FLAT earth, and therefore such a stop is evidence to support the earth is flat.

Here is one of the several videos made by flat earthers on this subject.


The Many Logical Fails in This Emergency Plane Landing Video

First Fail: The flight was from Hong Kong, yet not one of the videos made on this subject even bothered to correctly identify the beginning location of the flight. Some identified the starting point as either Bali or Taiwan, but none identified it correctly as Hong Kong. While this obviously does not prove they are wrong, it speaks to the general inability to do research, and the poor attention to detail the members of this community exhibit. Neutral investigative journalists with an eye towards accuracy and correctness of details they are not. They are only interested in jumping on the next idea that will confirm their bias.

In any case, the starting point is irrelevant to the argument, as the three identified starting points would make relatively close enough flight paths to make the same argument on either side.

Second Fail: At approximately the 1:11 mark on the video above, they use the image below to show how on a GLOBE, the emergency plane landing flight path would not make sense. However, whether by design to fool gullible people, or by sheer ignorance of the person creating the video, they don’t show an actual globe or one of the many 3d interactive globe programs available to the public. Instead, , they show one of the many types of projection maps created from a globe, all of which are inaccurate because projecting a globe onto a flat surface has always and forever posed problems to mapmakers who must always create some sort of distortion in order to show the round earth onto a flat map.


So, their major error? Using a flat map as evidence that the flight path would not work on a globe. It’s quite literally a 4th grade science fair mistake…or an intentional deception. A logical thinking person would have used a GLOBE to show this information, or at least one of the many 3d interactive globes available on the internet, like the one that we’ll show later in this article.

Third Fail: At approximately 1:32, they show a DIFFERENT version of a flat map to again reinforce the concept that it would be out of the way to make an emergency landing from Asia to Alaska on a round earth. No matter how many flat maps they show, it will not be evidence of the reality on a globe. I’m not sure why this would be so hard to understand, but obviously it is to flat earthers.


Fourth Fail: At approximately 2:12 in the video, they then use a DIFFERENT flat map to ‘prove’ that the flight path would have been logical on a flat EARTH. This PARTICULAR map is quite hilarious, really, because it shows how incredibly ignorant and unable to do research flat earthers are. This map that they are calling a flat earth map is the one typically shown when doing flat earth models. I’ve shown it below.


There IS NO Flat Earth Map!

But what this map is patently NOT of, is of a flat earth. What this map ACTUALLY is, a fact that no flat earthers seem to be aware of, is a GLOBE! In fact, this map is well-known as an Azimuthal Projection Map. See our article on The Flat Earth Map is Actually a Globe to see how incredibly idiotic it is to use a globe projection map and call it a ‘Flat Earth Map’, when in truth, in the thousands of years of flat earth thought, the BEST map that the BEST minds have been able to come up with is a projection map of a GLOBE!

Yet this video proposes that THIS particular map is the ‘definitive’ map of flat earth when it’s simply a different version of a globe projection map than the ones they used previously in the video.

Fifth fail: What they failed to do was to compare the emergency plane landing path on an ACTUAL globe or globe model. Again, whether simply out of desire to deceive, or out of sheer ignorance, we will never know. But you can look yourself on this 3d interactive globe of flights around the world and see for yourself that an Alaska emergency landing on a flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles is perfectly reasonable and is the logical shortest and most efficient course an airlines would likely take.

Here’s the images that I took on that site that you can do for yourself. It’s impossible to get Hong Kong and Los Angeles in the same frame on this interactive globe, so I’ve done it in two steps. First step is approximately Hong Kong to Alaska and the second is Alaska to Los Angeles. LAX is just a bit further south of my arrow so that I did not cover it up.



In this interactive globe found here:


I was able to capture approximately Hong Kong to Los Angeles on in the same frame, and you can easily see that it is a quite straight shot.


So, as you can see, there actually IS NO flat earth map that anyone has compiled to even accurately be able to make any CLAIM that this emergency plane landing makes more sense on a flat earth map than they do on a globe. Additionally, these ignorant or deceiving people don’t even USE a globe to make their case, instead they use flat globe projection maps to show what is occurring on a globe! This is typical of the arguments of flat earthers, and these arguments are easily disproven with just a few minutes of easy fact checking.