This video of Planes Landing Debunks Flat Earth completely, is the best flat earth debunk we have seen, and proves the curvature of the earth. We’ve been discussing the recent rise of people who truly believe the earth is flat. While most of their claims and points are unscientific and even irrational, one interesting and beneficial point they have brought to the discussion is insisting on science that is observable and testable by almost anyone, so that people don’t have to just take the word of scientists on faith.


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Plane LandingImage Credit: FreeGreatPictures

Ignoring the fact that much of the science of the globe is already testable by anyone who bothers to look around them or do some experiments at home, just like humans have been doing for over 2000 years, and that most of these same people believe in a divine creator they accept on faith, in these articles, I’ve been focusing on observable phenomenon that prove the globe and minimizing the numbers of scientific studies or math required to back up the evidence.

The video Planes Beneath the Horizon 4K is exciting for many reasons, one of which is that it is from an amateur photographer, is easily and clearly seen, and is a repeatable observation by anyone who can travel to the same or similar location. I’ve put a gif of the plane landing below the lake level, from the video, so that you don’t have to watch the video (even though it’s short), and because flat earthers will not watch a video that rebuts their belief system.


Plane Beneath Horizon

Image Credit: Planes Beneath the Horizon 4K

What Are We Seeing? How Does Planes Landing Debunk Flat Earth?

This is a video of planes landing below the horizon of Lake Ponchartrain at Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans. The observer was in the town of Mandeville, Louisiana on the north shore of the Lake. The photographer estimated the airport is approximately 27.5 miles (44 km) away using Google maps.

The planes, one after another, clearly dip below the horizon to land at an airport that cannot be seen, but that is obviously not closed and dark since planes are landing at it. There are also neighborhoods between the shore of the lake and the airport that are not visible. In fact, nothing is visible in the image except the lake surface, and the plane! This is clearly proof of the curvature of the earth.

The Planes are Coming Towards Us

This video is a huge blow to flat earth claims because of the many reasons it simply could not occur on a flat earth. Their constant objection to any and all videos where objects disappear below the horizon is their (false) claim that things disappear below the horizon due to perspective when things begin to get too far away to see.

Aside from the fact the argument is nonsense anyway, this video is great because the objection is irrelevant in this case. The planes are not disappearing away from us; they are coming towards us!

We know this because, in commercial planes, the red wing tip light is always on the left, and the green light is on the right. I give several sources due to the importance of this fact so there can be no argument about it (1)(2)(3)(4). Clearly these planes are coming towards us and, therefore, there is no possibility of the planes disappearing due to perspective.

The Lake and Airport are Virtually at Sea Level

Some people have suggested this lake is a mountain lake or at a high elevation and the planes are landing at an airport beyond the mountain. However, you can clearly see the line of the horizon as a sharp edge with no mountains or buildings making it irregular and jagged.

Image Credit: Google
Most damning is that the lake is at 12 foot (4 meters) elevation, and the airport is only at 4 feet (a bit over 1 meter) elevation. The difference between the two surfaces is only 8 feet (less than 3 meters)! With the tail height of the average plane being around 65 feet (20 meters) (5), if the earth were flat, we should see almost the entire plane landing. Yet we see it disappear entirely, and don’t see the airport at all, which would obviously have other planes and buildings at the location. It’s an international airport at a major US city!

Let me say that again so it sinks in: the difference in elevation between the lake and the airport is only 8 feet, yet the planes and the entire airport are obscured despite the fact we see the plane clearly before it descends beneath the horizon.

Show Me the Curvature!

Flat earthers love to cry, “Show me the Curvature” whenever they want to shift the burden of proof from providing evidence of a flat earth they are unable to give. So here it is. Plane as night (pun and spelling error intended). These planes are obscured due to the curvature of the earth.

Additionally, flat earthers like to whip out an incorrect curve calculator that only calculates the pure drop of the earth for limited distances, as we discussed on the page This is the Single Best Evidence Flat Earthers Have and It Still Shows the Earth is a Sphere. What they don’t calculate is the line of sight calculation showing how much of an object should be obscured by the curvature of the earth.


Metabunk Curve Image Credit: Metabunk

In this case, the amount that should be obscured by the curvature of the earth at that distance is approximately 261 feet (79.5 meters), as shown in the image of the Metabunk line of sight calculator above, which makes perfect sense to have an entire airport missing.

But for those flat earthers who think math is evil and put on earth by the devil or Freemasons to confuse us, we really just don’t need anything but simple math. An entire plane, neighborhoods, and even an AIRPORT is hidden in what should be 8 feet of elevation drop. Even the most mathematically incapable should be able to understand that.

Even though there are mountains of scientific evidence in support of the globe and none for a flat earth, it’s still easy to simply play by their own rules, not use any scientific studies and prove the globe anyway with simple observations like this one. That’s because it’s far easier to prove reality than a fantasy. Harder, though, is to change people’s minds who have an irrational belief they are smarter than every scientist to have ever lived because a YouTube video told them so. But these planes landing debunk flat earth quite soundly. It is quite clearly proof of the curvature of the earth that anyone can witness for themselves, if they so choose to do so.